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Spring 2014 Capstone Experience Project Teams

Blackout Engineering
Blackout Engineering is a consulting firm that specializes in developing control and monitoring system platforms. Blackout Engineering is currently working with Northgate Tailgates to install a trailer monitoring system on a fleet of tailgating trailers. The platform we are developing will quantify the remaining resources on board individual trailers and communicate that data back to a technicians tablet for analysis.

Spencer Conn*, Zach Cobb, Colton Chojnacki, Daniel Riess

DANTech is a small start-up company based out of College Station, Texas that specializes in system integration and instrumentation. Our current project is a health monitoring and security system for a sailboat. The purpose of this project is to provide the boat owner with a cost efficient system that can monitor the boat’s status remotely or onboard through an Android/iOS device. The project will be developed through the collaboration of our sponsor Paragon Innovations® and faculty advisor Dr. Rainer Fink.

Daniel Foncannon*, Anson Nunley and Nick Naudin

DataWell is a startup company in College Station, Texas dedicated to developing state of the art wireline logging tools for the energy services field. DataWell has partnered with Tiger Energy Services to create a probe that will persevere in the harsh environment of geothermal and hydrocarbon wells while delivering critical data to the surface. Special thanks goes to our advisor, Dr. Gang Sun.

David Wilson*, Tom McCue, Luke Ruatta, Ryan Ring

Mobile Integrated Communications
Mobile Integrated Communications (MiC) is a telecommunications engineering firm based in College Station, TX. Our focus at MiC is system optimization and product development for the telecommunications sector of the Utility and Oil & Gas industries. We have recently teamed up with Lockard & White Inc., to develop a mobile handheld drive testing device that will replace their cumbersome legacy suite. The drive testing device will be integrated with an AndroidTM tablet and under full operation, the user will be able to drive, or walk, the expected footprint of a radio transmission signal to determine acceptable coverage. We would like to thank our sponsors, Marc Lockard and Wayne Johnson from Lockard & White Inc., as well as Dr. Jay Porter for agreeing to come aboard as our technical advisor.

Cory Jeffers*, Dean Tate, Patrick White, and Travis Whitlock

Robotic Integrated Systems Command Control and Communications
RISC3 is a start up company based out of College Station, TX. RISC3 stands for Robotic Integrated Systems Command Control and Communications. RISC3 specializes in system integration and wireless communication between various devices and platforms. Currently, RISC3 is engaged in the RISC project which will provide a safer method for detecting and assessing chemical spills and other hazardous gases. It is our pleasure to announce the Oil and Gas Consortium as our sponsor as well as both our technical advisors Dr. Sun and Dr. Martinez Palafox.

Abelardo Hernandez Rubio*, Jose Sotelo, Roberto Lafaire

* Denotes Project Team Manager; Beginning (ENTC 419) Semester Shown

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