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Spring 2013 Capstone Experience Project Teams

Ascension Circuits
is a new start up company formed in the city of College Station, Texas. This company is comprised of three employees who are currently attending the prestigious Texas A&M University. Ascension Circuits is primarily oriented towards the software and hardware optimization of currently implemented technologies. We specialize in microcontroller interfacing as well as hardware design associated with the aforementioned technologies.
Jonathan Lawrence *,Jon-Paul Brune, and Fred Ye.

Byrd on a Twigge
is an Aggie owned and operated engineering consulting firm specializing in product development and implementation. For its first venture, Byrd on a Twigge has partnered with local business owner and sponsor, Dr. Sejun Song. Byrd on a Twigge, in collaboration with their advisor, Dr. Jay Porter, will develop a portable sensing solution geared towards Andriod devices.
Mickie Byrd* and Willis Twigge

Direct Link Communications (DLC)
is a startup company located in College Station, Texas. Currently there is a market pressure for do-it-yourself home medical tools. We will leverage our experience in electronics to develop and generate products which will improve quality of life. Our project is sponsored by Chris Corti with Cisco. Will be working to provide a device that uses Bluetooth Protocols to send vital signs to an Android phone. The phone application will then be able to use SIP protocols to contact 9-1-1 and send a URL to display the vital signs of the patient. Our project advisor is Dr. Ana Goulart from Texas A&M University.
Jake Boettcher*,Edger Ouellette and Caleb Stone.

GeoTrek Engineering
is a brand new start-up company out of College Station, Texas that specializes in systems integration and data acquisition. Currently, GeoTrek is working with NASA to develop the Soil Analysis and Measurement walking stick, a device that will aid scientists out in the field by providing physical stability as well as a range of tools that are important to anyone looking to study and learn from their journeys. These tools include GPS tracking, a digital camera,and the ability to take readings from various geological sensors, store that data internally and relay this information to a base station that will be built for the purposes of battery recharging and data retrieval. This project is sponsored by Mr. Lee Graham of NASA. Special thanks go to our advisors, Dr. Sejun Song and Mr. Matt Leonard.
Tom Lockler*, Joshua Kennemur, Jacob Kelly and Bart Bohuslav

Innovative Technology Research
(ITR) is a startup company based in College Station, Texas that is currently working on medical applications of spectroscopy. ITR will provide control and user interfaces as well as mechanical hardware to control the sample flow and display the output from the ANDRaS Spectrometer. We look forward to working closely with our project sponsor, Mr. Jack McCrary through ISOSPEC Technologies, LP and our advisor, Dr. Rainer Fink, from the eSET program at Texas A&M University.
Jennifer Flores*, Jonathan Beach, Albert Eardley, Jake Tillery and Samuel Williams.

Matrix Innovations
is a small startup company based out of College Station, Texas that specializes in low power embedded systems. Currently, we are working with our sponsors National Instruments and Texas Instruments along with our advisor, Dr. Behbood Zoghi to design a Smartbadge. This device will display relevant user information and incorporates a simple user interface along with Bluetooth and NFC technologies to wirelessly exchange contact information between badges. The badge also allows the user to easily upload contact information to a PC via USB. In addition, the device will provide other unique capabilities that will help improve networking at conferences.
Nicholas Curley*, James Hutzley, Eric Fitzsimon and Ozer Adrian.

* Denotes Project Team Manager; Beginning (ENTC 419) Semester Shown

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