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Spring 2012 Capstone Experience Project Teams

is a smaill start-up company based out of College Station, Texas that specializes in embedded and control systems used in real world applications. DigiTice is currently working on the T.H.E.G.S. project or the Trailer Hitch Equipment Guidance System under the advisement of Professor George Wright from Texas A&M University. This system will direct a driver of a vehicle to a trailer hitch safely and accurately without the guidance of another individual.
Colby Gonzalez *, Isbel Cruz, and Travis Pace.

is a new start-up company based out of College Station, Texas specializing in network electronics. Our company utilizes innovative thinking in order to create, design and implement new technologies in our industry. We're excited to work with NASA as we develop a portable IPsec sandbox device that allows for easy-to-setup IPsec communications. We'd like to thank Mr. Victor Tran and NASA for sponsoring our current project. We would also like to thank Dr. Sejun Song, a professor in the Electronic Engineering Technology Department in Texas A&M Univeristy, for advising us.
Armando Maldonado*, Adam Hoover, Nathan Stansfield and Kevin Spharler

NASTEC Engineering
is a startup company based out of College Station, Texas that specializes in data collection via sensors. Our current project, sponsored by NASA-Human Interface Branch, is an environmental monitoring system that will monitor various gases/radiation around a habitat/spacecraft and provide warning when a parameter is out of range. This system will assist in the safety of astronauts in space with accurate, real time data from each sensor.
Jacob Smith*,Collin Davis, Abraham Garcia and Jin Wook Kim

is an exciting new company located in College Station, Texas, that specializes in utilizing innovation and technology to provide efficient monitoring systems that aid in predictive maintenance to the industry. Our current project, RYSK Manangement Device is being developed to monitor equipment at the Continental Automotive manufacturing plant. This project is sponsored by Mr. Kevin Clark at Contiental Automotive.
Ricky Herrod*, Syed Rasheed, Yuliani Alonzo and Khoa Nguyen.


* Denotes Project Team Manager; Beginning (ENTC 419) Semester Shown

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