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Spring 2011 Capstone Experience Project Teams

BRAC Engineering
is an engineering consulting company specializing in home automation. Our current project aims to deliver a fully functional prototype that will allow a homeowner individual temperature control of every room that an AC vent is present using a home computer or touchscreen interface. This project is sponsored by Shane Dickson and Chris Conger, whom are both former Texas A&M graduates and are the founding partners of Intergrated Home Management. The project will be advised by Dr. Rainer Fink and Professor George Wright thoughout the duration of the project.
Ryan Armstrong *, Austin Boykin, Chet Dhulos and Brian Arterburn.

Outlier Engineering
is a new start up company based out of College Station, Texas which develops embedded solutions for use in the power distribution industry. Our systems assist power companies in the push toward the Smart Grid. Sponsored by Drs Wei Zhan and Ana Goulart of Texas A&M, we are currently developing a monitoring system for transformers that will track operational performance data and analyze that data continually to determine a predicted failure point.
Aubrey Snider*, Matthew Bird and Stephen Peck

is a new technology company that specializes in embedded systems. Our engineers apply fresh ideas and innovative thinking when designing our client's products. We believe in simplicity , quality, and work ethic. Our current client, EnerSys Corporation, is interested in a device for industrial control networks. EnerSys works with upstream oil and gas companies and chose POMTEK to design a safe robust device. This device will be designed to convert OPC to DNP3 protocol for SCADA networks. The purpose is to adapt legacy equipment to modern enterprise systems.
Nick Geoca*, Jessica Rivas and Alan Lam


* Denotes Project Team Manager; Beginning (ENTC 419) Semester Shown
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