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Spring 2010 Capstone Experience Project Teams

ApaeTech Solutions
I"A Posse Ad Esse" is Latin for "From Possibility to Reality". At ApaeTech Solutions, we provide products that adhere to this philosophy. We are currently working with the support of the DEED program through the American Public Power Association and Dr. Ana Goulart to develop a low-cost Remote Capacitor Bank Controller for use by utility companies. This device is a solution for small utilities looking for a modular, expandable and low-cost capacitor controller.
Greg Carter *, Mark Bolding, Tim Davis, Andrew Roznovsky

Synonym Systems
is a Texas based startup company, staffed by electronic engineers specializing in the design of embedded telecommunications solutions. Currently, Synonym Systems is working with Network USA to design TransHub, a remote terminal unit that can translate modern network management protocols into legacy languages, allowing all network equipment to be remotely monitored and inventoried by a single system. The ability to remotely manage and account for legacy equipment will save partner businesses like Network USA both time and money.
Phillip Daw*, Michael Berglund, Ryan Deyo, Jeremy Hartsell.

Disaster Systems Engineering
is an unique company that specializes in designing systems that are practical before and after disasters. Our current project is in collaboration with Dr. Robin Murphy of Texas A&M University- Computer Science Department, who works primarily with disaster situations. She has been involved in implementing solutions which were used in such disasters as 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. We are currently developing a system for Dr. Murphy, which will be used in disaster situations. Our company's main goal is to provide systems that will be valuable to responders, insurance agencies, contractors and those in the private sector. The systems we design aid them during disaster situations.
Marco Garza *, Ben Sheppard, Charles Rubach

is a consulting company with a background in electronics and telecommunications currently working on developing a Smart RFID Reader for Dr. Ben Zoghi of Texas A&M University's ETID Department and The Smart RFID Reader is able to keep a log of all the trucks that go in and out of a checkpoint along with a time stamp and the direction of movement with the aid of external sensors. The logged data on the Smart RFID Reader can be extracted by the user at any point by telnetting into the Smart RFID Reader.
Fayaz Akram*, Jurvin Li, Daniel Wagner

CW Electronics
is a new company formed by skilled electronic engineers who are committed to produce newly inventive products. Currently CW Electronics Systems is working with Dr. Porter and Professor Wright of Texas A&M University ETID Department to design and build a newly X-10 home monitoring system. This project will be able to monitor all statues of X-10 operated house and generate a detailed report of the house power usage.
Chu Jianyi *, Jason Washington


* Denotes Project Team Manager; Beginning (ENTC 419) Semester Shown

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