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Spring 2009 Capstone Experience Project Teams

Dynamic Design is a start-up company based in College Station, TX, that specializes in custom electronic design and microprocessor control. We are currently adding features and functionality to a specific air monitor for OI Analytical, a global chemical detection company. When finished this unitwill detect the presence of carbon dioxide and interface alarms with remote sensors if gas levels fall outside of critical boundaries. Because of the air quality standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency, this product has broad uses in both industrial and commercial applications.
Bryan Sonnier *, Jonathan Tindall,Julian Coleman, Tam Bui

Legendary Applications
Legendary Applications is a young but innovative company full of smart and motivated individuals. In collaboration with Enersys, Legendary Applications will be in the process of developing and implementing a type of early warning system for large oil pumps. Through this system, pumps will be monitored in an effort to detect failing or faulty equipment that could potentially save thousands to millions of dollars in damages and the prospective market for this device will be bountiful.

Joey Philippi *,Alex Shaffer,Bryan Roby, Brad Swallow


* Denotes Project Team Manager; Beginning (ENTC 419) Semester Shown

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