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Spring 2008 Capstone Experience Project Teams

Bonnie Engineering
Pet Protect, is a device that will monitor the internal conditions of a RV. It will be able to detect smoke, carbon monoxide, temperature variation, and loss of AC power. When it detects any of the above conditions, it will sound an alarm as well as send a text message to a preprogrammed phone number. This device will help save the owner untold amounts of money and emotional anguish due to loss of their faithful companions.
Kyle Schumann*, Michel Ramirez, Paul Carrington

Cross Pointe
CIGCOM, is a collaborative effort with EnerSys to build a *C*ritical *I*ndependent *G*as *Co*ntrol *M*onitoring system to instill added value into a real-time automated control system monitoring a gas engine drive compressor. The previous system is incapable of preventing compressor down time because no intuitive preemptive mainteance system is in place, and it cannot monitor its own overall efficiency. Our system will implement sensors in a gas compressor that will track measurable data trends including fuel efficiency, vibration, pressure, and temperature on the gas engine itself. We also want to utilize the trends recorded to provide preemptive maintenance along with easier access of the control box using Bluetooth wireless communication for field engineers.
Mitchem Boles*, Logan Floyd, Walter Sosa, Holly Black

Vanguard Engineering Group
TORC, sponsored by Painless Performance, is an aftermarket Transmission Controller Unit for use with the GM 4L60E family of transmissions. The project will provide a solution for user-defined control of shift timings and firmness. Included witht he controller will be configuration software that will allow the user to input specifications for their vehicle which will be used to optimize overall transmission performance.
Jacob MacElroy*, Tyler Hollar, Troy Vackar

Greenhouse Solutions
The objective of this project will be to create a greenhouse automation system. This automation system will monitor and control temperature and humidity. It will accomplish this by using temperature and relative humidity sensors to monitor the environment within a greenhouse. The system will have control over all greenhouse features that affect temperature and humidity.
Clint Vigil*.

* Denotes Project Team Manager; Beginning (ENTC 419) Semester Shown

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