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Spring 2007 Capstone Experience Project Teams

Sharp Systems
Animal Injection Technology. Sponsored by Animal Innovations and partnered with TenX, A.I.T is a mobile cattle immunization system that is designed to increase the precision and speed in which cattle are medicated. A.I.T. is designed for mass medication of a variety of animals at feed lots or animal clinics. The system will control animal injection, identify and database each animal via RFiD, and have the capability to communicate with other devices and peripherals over a Bluetooth link. When completed, A.I.T. will revolutionize the mass medication industry.
Chris Campbell*, Ben Stringer, Jacob Schulman

Prometheus Technology
Statistical Monitoring And Real-time Transmission Patrol (SMART Patrol), is an all inclusive fleet monitoring system. SMART Patrol will monitor the current location, driver identification, OBDII diagnostic system, and exhaust emissions of a vehicle. The system will then transmit the gathered data in pseudo real-time to the fleet management office over cellular communications. SMART Patrol will be used to help organize vehicle maintenance schedules among the fleet, notify personnel of vehicle failures and maximize service time of fleet vehicles.
Justin Homeyer*, Daniel House, Vincent Garcia, Paul Tsao

Alpha Engineering Systems
WireNet, is a broadband over power line (BPL) data acquisition device that would accept an interchangeable application card allowing for multiple home uses. Our application card HECS uses infrared (IR) transmission to communicate with audio/video (A/V) equipment, using WireNet to communicate with a computer to control A/V equipment. HECS enables consumers to save considerable time in reconfiguring their audio visual devices. The characteristics of the WireNet system, and the HECS application allows for the development and sales of a low cost, highly flexible device.
Michael Lisoski*, Joseph Hanna, Clint Vigil

* Denotes Project Team Manager; Beginning (ENTC 419) Semester Shown

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