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Spring 2006 Capstone Experience Project Teams

Fusion Networks
Medical equipment can be cumbersome, difficult to wear, and at times embarassing. Fusion Networks seeks to reverse this trend with the SureSense™ wireless sensor system. Removing the wires that connect electrodes and medical electronics will free the patient from the inconvenience of being tethered to equipment, and greatly increase their comfort level.
L. Folegatti*, S. Williams, D. Eby, J. Vierra

Leading Edge Tech Solutions
Interest has been shown by individuals at Texas A&M concerning the possibilities of wireless sensor network capable of collecting measurement data at a remote location and relaying this information back to a "home" office. EARTHSense is the research platform that accomplishes this goal. Using CrossBow sensor and mote technology as well as cellular networks, the system can allow an interested individual to see data from the remote location while sitting at a PC in their office.
J. Hatton*, S. Varkey, A. Atem

Leading Global Technologies
is a Broadband over Power Line (BPL) interface module designed for use with multiple applications and communication data types. This project is a solution to problems encountered with the installation of equipment in a home or office. The product will utilize the existing power network within the building to transmit and receive data between computers and devices implementing BPL. The specific focus of Leading Global Technologies will be to produce the COBRA prototype with an RFID interface card to show functionality.
I. Morales*, J. Bruce, M. Davis, C. Gabel

Remote Devices Innovations
In today's hospital, personal climate control is not available; currently the patient must request the hospital staff to adjust the temperature.   The Automated Individual Remote (A.I.R.) is a LON thermostat that allows patients to adjust the temperature using the hospital remote.  A.I.R . provides the patient with a real time temperature display on the television.
M. Watkins*, L. Wu, E. Robbins, L. John

Trace Innovations
Time-of-day billing will allow power companies to determine the amount of power used by a customer on an hour to hour basis instead of a month to month basis. With this information, a customer can be charged for their power usage based on what time of day they are consuming it. The Sensor Apparatus for Valued Energy (SAVE) will use a Broadband over Power Line (BPL) communications interface to automatically retrieve the power reading from a kilowatt-hour meter on regular intervals. This method of meter reading will provide power companies with an effective and economical way of implementing time-of-day billing.
A. Allison*, T. Celinski, R. Feldman, C. Fischer

* Denotes Project Team Manager; Beginning (ENTC 419) Semester Shown

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