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Fall 2013 Capstone Experience Project Teams

is a startup company based out of College Station, Texas specializing in monitor and control devices. Currently we are developing the MAC DS which stands for monitor and control development systems. MAC DS is a monitor and control test bed environment that utilizes innovative touch screen capabilities. We are proud to be sponsored by Dr. Joseph A. Morgan.
Danel Overstreet *,Ben Bucek and Colby Gonzales.

Enginium Designs
is a new startup company located in College Station, Texas that specializes in systems integration and wireless communication. Our company's vision is to provide high quality products delivered in a timely manner using the product development and eSET skills learned. We will be working to provide a gesture controlled device to wirelessly control operations sent to the iRobot. This device will use off the the shelf products and integrate the iRobot with sensors using systems integration strategies. Currently Enginium Design's project is sponsored by Dr. Joseph Morgan from Texas A&M University.
Richard Hathcoat* Isabel Carrillo, Tyler Kates and Kenneth Garmon.

Precious cargo Solutions
is a small start up company developing a seat-belt alert system for the rear passengers in a vehicle. We working closely with our sponsor Mr. Chris Grunkemeyer from the School of Rural Public Health at Texas A&M Univeristy.
Eric Newnam*,Derrell Monroe and Don Kwong.

Precision Controls
is a new startup company operating out of College Station, Texas. Our current project is to work alongside a mechanical engineering team to create a device that simulates the behavior of HVAC (Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems. We have partnered with our sponsor, Schneider Electric, to build this system and are also collaborating with Dr. Jay Porter of the Electronic Systems Engineering Technology Department at Texas A&M University.
Jay Carney*, Christopher Klaus and Jason Evard.

Vector Engineering Systems (VES)
is a small startup company based out of College Station, Texas that specializes in embedded system design and implementation. Currently, VES is working with the Command and Data Handling (C&DH) Branch of NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) Engineering Directorate to upgrade and integrate their Modular Integrated Stakable Layer (MISL) platform into an Articulated Suspension Exploratory Platform (ASEP) robot. Special thanks goes to our advisors, Mr. George Wright and Dr. Gang Sun.
Tanner Perkins*, Kelson Astley and Ty Navarrete

Xtal Clear Solutions
is a small startup company based out of College Station, Texas. Xtal is currently working on a project named Diamond which will offer owners a more secure way of storing firearms in their home. We will accomplish this task by developing effective measures that will better prevent thefts and misuse of the weapons. We will be working on integrating sensory components within the safe to measure and monitor temperature and vibration levels for unexpected readings that could detect anintrusion. The data acqured would be processed and an alert message would be delivered to the user. Other security features would be implemented onto the safe such as a wireless keypad that could be remotely stored in a location only know to the user. We are accomplising these tasks in collaboration with our advisor, Dr. Rainer Fink.
Joseph Dardar*, Michael Treece, Manuel Moreno and Alejandro Aguilar Jr.

* Denotes Project Team Manager; Beginning (ENTC 419) Semester Shown

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