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Fall 2011 Capstone Experience Project Teams

Bluetooth Automation Solutions
Located in College Station, TX, Bluetooth Automation Solutions is a small startup company that specializes in automated test solutions for the technology industry. Our services help speed up the Software Development process creating tools that allow companies to test their software more precisly and in a shorter amount of time. Our current project, Blue Box, is sponsored by Mr. Matt Hawkes through Cisco. Blue Box is a custom made Bluetooth testing device that will be fully integrated into Cisco's automation tool for software development.
John Orsted *, Doug Nappier, Ryan Nietsche and Rafael Busato.

CenterAct Engineering
is a start up company based out of College Station, Texas that is dedicated to performing at the cutting edge of technology. Our primary focus is to incorporate aspects of telecommunication and electronic technology into the field of sports training. Our current project is to create a football quarterback training system that will track a quarterback's throwing accuracy and timing. This project is sponsored by Mr. Hempel, a graduate from Texas A&M University.
Kristin Pool*, Brian Allen, Jeff Mak and David Vehslage

Habilis Engineering
is a new and innovative startup company based out of College Station, TX. We specialize in creating systems and solutions that arise from environmental causes and concerns. Our most recent and ongoing project is an environmental emulator, a system that uses real time date from nearly anywhere in the world for the purpose of emulating a species' natural habitat.
Joshua Lopez*, Duncan Lassiter, Cameron New, Ryan Nix and Stephen Priester.

Malleus Electronics
is a company based out of College Station, Texas specializing in smart home devices. Malleus Electronics was founded in 2011 by Brittany Powell, Jonathan Li, Werner Sopon and Isabel Cruz. Currently we are developing the AlertME smart home device that will visually and physically notify that a mobile device event is or has occurred. We are proud to be sponsored by A. Chris Rubio, Director U.T. MD Anderson Cancer Center and we are being advised by Professor George Wright.
Werner Sopon*, Brittany Powell, Jonathan Li and Isabel Cruz.

is a groundbreaking new company in College Station, Texas focused on the execution of your retail marketing plans. We'd like to thank Dr. Sejun Song, professor in Engineering at Texas A&M Univeristy, for sponsoring our current project. We're excited to work with the Engineering Technology department as we relentlessly integrate small-form electronics, digital displays, and wireless IPv6 communication into attractive, low-maintenance solutions. In developing low-power wireless networking devices, we are on the cutting edge of the Internet of Things. Our specialty of using 6LoWPAN protocols in our products has us saying "The Answer is Six."
David Thomson*, Derek Roosken, Derek Huang and Nick Dorrance.

Salta Engineering
is a brand new company based out of College Station, Texas which specializes in theoretical power saving systems. We take theoretical data and ideals from researchers and physically develop the system in order to prove their possibility then marketability. Our initial project, sponsored by Dr. Muhammad Hasan of Texas A&M University, involves creating an elevator controller module. With assistance of our adviser, Dr. Rainer Fink of Texas A&M , we will develop a process fro the elevator controller that is centered around a variable speed philosophy.
Alexander Coxe*, Colby Gonzalez, Daryl James and Jessica Rivas


* Denotes Project Team Manager; Beginning (ENTC 419) Semester Shown

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