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Fall 2010 Capstone Experience Project Teams

Aitne, Inc
Iis a small design and development companyworking with Dr. Sejun Song and Professor George Wright of Texas A&M University to produce a small-scale, 360 degree live video conferencing solution. The "Aureole" will grant users small-scale, one-way audio/video communications through a web browser as a means to increase video conferencing availability between distant groups. "Aureole" will be designed and created as a low cost solution to resolve 360 degree video conferencing issues.
Bill Reading *, Troy Kensinger, Kyle Mays

Catalyst Systems
is a Texas based startup venture specializing in embedded systems development. For our current project, we are working with Dr. Joseph Morgan of Texas A&M University to develop an autonomous navigation architecture for the Surface Mobility Platform (SMP) to be used in higher education and research. This technology will allow the end user to create a virtual pathway for the vehicle by entering multiple GPS waypoints from an internet-connected base station. The SMP will then travel to each waypoint on the route, navigating around obstacles using advanced collision-avoidance algorithms.
Chris Sartori*, Cody Kemp, Steven Lopez and Trent Palmer.

is a new startup company located in College Station, TX, that focuses on creating medical devices utilizing embedded systems. Sponsored by NASA's Texas Space Grant Consortium, we are creating the CardioScope, a small, portable ambulatory 12-lead ECG device that continuously transmits the heart's electrical activity wirelessly over a short distance. This small, lightweight device will be linked to a host computer which will both control the device and display the digitally filtered waveforms in real-time.
Alex Smith*, Raymond King and Patrick Navarro

Silicon Variant
is a startup company located in College Station, TX, that specializes in designing and delivering fully functional prototypes for embedded systems. We are currently working with Texas Instruments to design
a development kit that will showcase the hardware interfaces and communication peripherals featured on the next generation microcontroller in their Transportation and Safety Microcontroller family. We are looking forward to working closely with our advisors Dr. Rainer Fink and Professor George
Wright throughout the duration of the project.
Peggy Liska*, Bart Basile, Tyler Berryhill and Laura Shuey.


* Denotes Project Team Manager; Beginning (ENTC 419) Semester Shown

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