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Fall 2009 Capstone Experience Project Teams

Valance Solutions
In a world of complexity, it is important that clients are not overwhelmed while embracing new technologies. At Valance Solutions, our goal is clear: give clients the best in technology while keeping it simple. Our current projects include a Pinewood Derby Management System that gives the individuals in charge of the derby the tools they need to run an efficient and well organized race. Similar products on the market have fallen short in design because the end user was not in focus while functionality was added. Our product, the PWDMS, will work hard during pinewood derby events so the event operators can sit back and enjoy the race.
Josh Leatham*, Kyle Mays, Uriel Maldonado, Jason Belitz

Wavetronic systems
Wavetronic Systems is a startup company based in College Station TX specializing in design and development of pre-production prototypes for clients in the private sector.  We have been asked by NASA to design, test, and build a wireless solution for use in monitoring the vital signs of astronauts aboard the International Space Station.  Vital signs monitoring is considered critical when exercising in space and exercising is a must when exposed to long terms of weightlessness.  NASA engineers have developed a rotating gimbal around the gymnasium module to prevent orbital deflection. Connection of the subject’s vitals sensor network can only be accomplished using a wireless communication scheme.
Kevin Johnston*, Ethan Allen, Taiyyib Choudhry, David Darko.

SLiKK Innovations
A new and inventive company made up of motivated individuals committed to producing quality products.  Currently, SLiKK Innovations is collaborating with Dr. Ana Goulart, of Texas A&M University's ETID Department, in designing an autonomous mobile platform for a new emergency service system. The device will pinpoint the location of an emergency situation and send information about the incident to local emergency services.
Landon Thomas *, Sean Matherne, Kent Walters, Kati Wilson

Texas Integrated Energy Solutions
T.I.E.S. is a group of electronic and telecommunication engineers in the business of designing substation monitoring devices. Currently, we are working with Oncor to design the CBM09, a device for monitoring high voltage circuit breakers. The CBM09 uses a microcontroller to monitor the operations of the circuit breaker, and it sends out an issue specific alarm when a particular problem occurs. The CBM09 will shorten the time for diagnosing problems with the circuit breaker and reduce the amount of required maintenance.
Joshua Kirksey*, Dylan Kwan, Joshua McCracken, Logan Porter

N.P. solutions
As a new company, NP Solutions specializes in microcontroller and telecommunication circuit design. Our current project involves a two-part device; Linked wirelessly, activated automatically. It includes a battery with Bluetooth receiving capability for some of the latest cellular phones and a tamper resistant control interface mountable in a car. Two-way communication between the devices allows intelligent control of cell phone use while the car’s speedometer registers a positive velocity.
Nick Ungaro*, Parker Baum


* Denotes Project Team Manager; Beginning (ENTC 419) Semester Shown

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