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Fall 2008 Capstone Experience Project Teams

Envision Engineering
Consider that a company is adding a remote office and will need to purchase a WAN link to connect this office to the existing network infrastructure. Before choosing this connection, the IT personnel should know ahead of time if this link would have sufficient banwidth to support the needs of the remote office. The BottleNet WANulator by Envision Engineering will allow simulation of a WAN link by adjusting the speed and volume of traffic that is allowed to travel between the ports. Bandwidth and latency settings can be set through a front-panel user interface, without the need for a PC to configure the device
Kevin Schmidt *, Ryan Becker,Patrick Duffy, Joseph Michael

GDJ Engineering
WiVision, is a device designed to eliminate the wiring and direct pc connection to an electronic information display, specifically a widescreen LCD. The device will connect wirelessly to a standard ethernet network, and to an LCD monitor via a VGA connection. The WiVision module will be accompanied by software that provides a graphical user interface. The software will allow the user to select and queue images to send to the device for output on the display. WiVision will accept JPG images.

Adam Dean *, Aaron Griggers, Brad Jones

BAMP Engineering
Bamp Engineering is a group of individuals dedicated to providing peace of mind through electronic safety solutions. Using an array of wireless sensor technology we will detect the presence of a small pet or an infant. If dangerous temperature conditions arise and a presence is detected inside the vehicle it will alert bystanders of this dangerous condition with a unique alarm replicating a baby's cry. This device will save lives and ensure the safety of those who cannot take care of themselves.
Alred Ramirez *, Matthew Achimon, Paul Nester, Brent Dyer

P.W.L.S. Innovations
In collaboration with Afshin Shaybani of Avicen Corporation and Dr. Ben Zoghi of Texas A&M University's ETID Department, P.W.L.S. Innovations is developing ExacTrak to fulfilled the need for new and advanced technologies in the field of search, rescue and disaster relief. A conglomeration of embedded systems tracking devices referred to as Inertial Navigation System (INS) sensors, ExacTrak provides the real-time tracking and status information necessary for proper and dynamic spatial orientation of personnel inside buildings. A Field Unit containing this hardware will be worn by first responders, connecting them to a Wi-Fi network safely setup outside the building. P.W.L.S. Innovations is dedicated to provide the ability to locate first reponders, because.....sometimes those who do the saving need to be saved.
Chris Landry *, Brad Sutter,Kosta Papasideris, Archie Wilson

The Krisys Development Platform is a project being developed as a recruitment and education tool for Texas A&M University. Krisys Base will be used as a recruitment tool for high school students while Krisys Advanced will be used as a learning tool by college students. The base Krisys platform will be used in a competition at Aggieland Saturday for high school students to demonstrate their programming and component assembly skills. The advanced Krisys platform will contain additional modules that allow remote control, streaming video, GPS location and environment sensing to be used as a learning tool for college students.
Nick Sandera *, Jordan Neve, Colton Cummings

* Denotes Project Team Manager; Beginning (ENTC 419) Semester Shown

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