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Fall 2007 Capstone Experience Project Teams

Rhyvle Technologies
The Classic Comfort, project along with Painless Performance, will design and implement an attachment to the wiring harness of an older vehicle that will provide a few modern features found in today's automobiles. It will incorporate daytime driving lights, dimming dome light, headlight delay, a radio delay after the ignition is turned off, and a kill switch to provide basic security to prevent the care from starting. All of the features on the Classic Comfort product will be customizable by the user with an LCD screen and a three button user interface.
B. Sandersl*, T. Adebiyi, W. Koonce, B. Woodard

Digerati Group
Interactive Grocery List Unit (IGLU) , aims to ease shopper navigation. The IGLU system will provide a platform to display the shoppers list sorted aisle by aisle, as well as provide promotional and advertisement capabilities to the store. The IGLU system comprises of the store website and database as well as the IGLU device. The website will provide an easy to use graphic interface for entering list information. And the IGLU device provides a handheld graphical platform for providing list, and promotional information.
Jacob Terkelsen*, Nick Avena, Brian Eaton, Carl Christian, Jason Downing

DOCAAT Technology
Car Advanced RF Keyless Ignition (CARKI) is an aftermarket, high tech automotive accessory that will replace the keyed ignition system with a push button which will use automatic identification for security. This device include a wireless key-fob which will provide the user abilities such as to remotely start the vehicle, unlock and lock the doors, engage the panic alarm, and receive the vehicle's inside temperature. CARKI will also include an optional program that the user can install to a PDA that will perform the same operations as the key-fob. The CARKI project is sponsored by Painless Performance out of Fort Worth, Texas.
Patrick Hart*, Brandon Matt Mckee, Greg Moore, Ronak Patel, Laura Lee Young

FourTel Communications
InFoRMS, The Interactive FM Radio Messaging System is a unique device that receives customized data messages from a sender via HD Radio providers. The messages will be decoded and displayed on Texas Digital LED marquees that can be either stationary or permanently fixed to vehicles. The intent is to be a first line of notification in public areas in the event of an emergency, and to broadcast customized messages when there is no immediate threat present.
Chris Magnussen *, J. McConnell, Ryan Schroeder, J. Dixon

VL Technologies
VTraC, sponsored by Dr. Joseph A. Morgan is a Vehicle Tracking and Capacity System designed to increase convenience and safety for passengers using pubic transit as well as to provide safety and asset tracking options for transit authorities. This system will allow vehicle location and capacity monitoring for commuters as well as send text message alerts announcing approaching buses. For transit authorities, VTraC will offer vehicle location and passenger identification..
Catherine Christensen*, Jeremy Brandt, Jason Tomlinson, Ricky Goldsmith

New Edge Engineering
Game King , is a new gaming prototype designed to give a whole new level of play to gaming enthusiasts around the world. Modeled after the most popular Trading Card Game in the world. Game King will utilize a combination of RFiD technology and several sensors to digitize a playing field, displaying relative locations and orientations of cards onto a monitor via a Wi-Fi connection. Once completed, this prototype can be used to not only replace the crowded atmosphere with a stadium-like setting to these Trading Card Game tournaments but also provide the ability to easily broadcast these games over any given network without violating the concentration of these gamers
John-David DeKeyzer*, Lucas Wollney, Stephen Klock, Ahmad Raad

* Denotes Project Team Manager; Beginning (ENTC 419) Semester Shown

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