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Fall 2006 Capstone Experience Project Teams

Abacus Design Systems
The Diesel Control Module is a smart device that is easily installed onto a diesel engine. This module provides a wide range of performance enhancing features that are easily programmed by the user. The module is able to increase horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency with different programmable modes. The display is easily read on a LCD screen that can be attached to the dash displaying the mode setting and exhaust temperature readings.
D. Anderson*, L. Cummings, R. Moses, C.

Ingenio Solutions
The Digital Fuse box and Control System (DFCS) will replace the classic fuse box found in the chassis wiring harness currently in production by Painless Performance. This is accomplished by having a microcontroller to sense any faults that may occur in the wiring system and display them on an LCD screen.  The DFCS will bring 21st century functionality to the classic car enthusiast. 
A. Elizalde*, B. Funk, P. Thompson, J. Vaughan

Luminous Innovations
A video surveillance system that utilizes cellular communications to transmit video clips remotely. The system will work in various power limited environments as well as different environmental conditions. Applications include game monitoring and theft detection.
N. McCrory, B. Barto, T. Cowin, M. Lyssy

RAMM Technologies
First Incident Response Equipment
. The FIRE modules will link inventory and personnel location data to outside sources for further interpretation. This data will be transmitted wirelessly to a module located within a buildings main structure ; then will be relayed to other modules inside and outside of the building using Broadband over Power-line. The modules will accept a large variety of sensors for customization to meet consumer needs.
R. Hegedus*, A. Arnold, M. Edgar, M. Waters

Robust Haven
Sponsored by Painless Performance, Transmission Control Module is designed to stand-alone and be capable of controlling an electronic shift type transmission. Using a throttle position sensor and ignition or engine speed reference signal it would activate transmission shift solenoids and the torque converter lockup solenoid at desired time. The user would be able to program tire size, gear ratio, shift and lockup points using a handheld programmer.
M. Lisoski*, L. Meneses, J. Schaer, B. Staton

Sponsored by Painless Performance, The Intelligent Chassis Wiring Harness is designed to replace the conventional wiring harness with a programmable system capable of controlling several Hi-Tech peripherals in addition to the standard circuits needed in a traditional harness.  Our design will eliminate the need for fuses by incorporating resetable current limiting circuits and will also provide feedback to the user via a LCD display.
W. Wakefield*, J. Kovaric, K. Parsley, T. Perales

Texas Engineering Consortium
The Wireless Automated Control System is a wireless system for data acquisition and control. This system will monitor and automate the testing parameters for a psychometric testing facility. The same design can be used in a multitude of other control system applications.
R. Stover*, M. Davis, D. Farmer, D. Tat

TriPow Technologies
TriPow Technologies is devoted to furthering orchid genealogical identification.  In an effort to provide an efficient, thorough, and useful means of identification we have developed a system that includes database integration of specific plant information through the use of radio frequency identification also known as RFID.  The system includes environmentally resilient RFID tags that can be read with an RFID reader to provide information for an inventory database.  The database is designed to work with the most common orchid database, Wildcatt Orchids Database.  The system is also designed so that the database can work on multiple platforms and provide an excellent solution for horticulturalist.
C. Curfman, A. Atem, A. Patrick

* Denotes Project Team Manager; Beginning (ENTC 419) Semester Shown

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