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Fall 2005 Capstone Experience Project Teams

ABCG Technologies
The purpose of the motorcycle heads-up display is to create a safer driving environment for motorcyclists as well as everyone else on the road. By eliminating the need for the rider to take his/her eyes off the road, rider awareness will be increased, thereby giving the rider those precious extra seconds needed to react to changing road conditions. From a high level view this project consist of five major components: construction of a T-Harness, conditioning of signals, processing of signals via a micro controller, wireless connectivity between micro controller and
helmet and actual display of data upon helmet display.
B. Martin*, G. Hornback, C. Glass, A. Vang

The SYSCON project is a real-time intelligent inventory management solution which will allow our customer, Oldcastle Precast, to accurately and reliably manage their assets. SYSCON's software, coupled with Radio Frequency Identification and Global Positioning System technologies will provide Oldcastle with a cutting-edge inventory management experience.
J. Christoferson*, D. Rodriguez, J. Burgoa

AIR Technologies
is a self tuning electric guitar. The guitar will have a user friendly interface in which it will allow the operator to choose between several different tuning styles. The Auto-Tune system will not affect the performance or the appearance of the guitar and will be powered by a stereo cable that is connected to a stomp box size power supply.
C. Stone*, E. Gooch, E. Pesek, M. Tilleman

Duo Tronix
The Game Guardian is a device that will be targeted to guardians / parents who needs some help in structuring game usage of the kids they supervise. With the Game Guardian, parents will not have to worry about monitoring the amount of time kids are spending on games. It eliminates one more thing for the parents to think about during the day by automating it.
K. Royder*, D. Hatchett

Inase Technolgies
Inase Technolgies purpose is to solve problems in the medical research by providing and creating a precision cutting device on the micro level. The current processes for attaining microscopic samples are long and tedious often resulting in poor samples.  Any small mistake in the cutting procedure could result in a loss of an entire days work. Inase Technolgies is currently working on an EAP micro-scalpel which will be able to make accurate and percise cuts on object as small as a finger nail.
D.McReynolds*, J. Culberson, S. Perez

Integrated Horizons
The goal of Project EVIS is to provide greater driver awareness.  By using a console unit located on the dash of a vehicle, the driver will be able to obtain crucial information about their car. This unit will provide explanations for check engine lights and notify the driver if they are about to bump into an object while parking. This system is meant to provide cost effective high end features for consumers to install in their car.
M. Johnston*, J. Chilton, K. Richardson, C. Thurston

IZDN Energy Automation
In today's market, quality sub-metering solutions are targeted for industrial or commercial applications and are too expensive for the average consumer.  On the other end of the spectrum, residential level sub-meters are simple devices usually capable of only metering a single outlet and the data is displayed on an inconvenient, sometimes hidden LCD display.  IZDN's Energy Monitoring Module finally provides the average consumer with the ability to monitor multiple devices around their house from the convenience of their PC. 
T. Hinkle*, M. Ragusa, A. Hooks, A. Schneider

M.S.D. Technologies
M.S.D. Technologies
was formed by three engineers dedicated to providing services to people with disabilities. Imagine if a wireless product could tell a blind person when it was safe to cross the street, or allow a disabled person extra time to cross a busy intersection.  Wireless technology has an enormous potential to increase the functionality and independence of those with disabilities in the work place and public environment.
M. Mapel*, J. Scott, T. Dittberner

is a group that has been assembled to build a device to allow a myoelectric arm to connect to a computer wirelessly for rehabilitation purposes. The device to complete this task has been named WiTIMP which stands for Wireless Training Interface for Myoelectric Prosthetics. A more thorough explanation of the goal of this device and its functionality is given in the project overview section as well as in many of the available documents.
S. Disckson*, C. Conger, D. Moyer, B. Jett

Team VAMP’s
goal is to create the voice recognition module and clamping mechanism that will control the locking of cables inside a pediatric prosthetic limb. The pediatric limb will ultimately be controlled by spoken commands from the child.
M. Ferguson*, B. Crisp, M. Coufal, S. Matthews

Vision Securities
The USB Exercise Band will provide an exercise enthusiast with vital statistics to optimize their fitness routine while playing music. Distance will be calculated with GPS, MP3s will be played with a decoder chip, and pulse rate will be recorded as well. Two thermometers will be used to record body temperature and ambient temperature. USB is the core technology, and the user will provide a flash drive containing the music that will interface with a Freescale Coldfire MCF5282 microcontroller. As the data is read from the modules, the microcontroller writes the information to a file on the flash drive. Using PC software written for the project, the user will be able to analyze the recorded data.
M. Key*, D. Liu, J. Hicks, L. Pedroza

* Denotes Project Team Manager; Beginning (ENTC 419) Semester Shown

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