Blackout Engineering is a startup that specializes in remote monitoring systems. Through research and experience our team has a developed a modular monitoring platform suited for many applications. What makes our product unique is its modular architecture and plug-n-play capabilities.

We would like to thank Northgate Tailgates for sponsoring our Capstone Project.

M2P System Overview

Our monitoring system, capabale of sensing a variety of physical quantities, implements a modular architecture that allows for scalability along with easy plug-n-play installation. We feature many modules such as communications module, temperature module, liquid level module, and more!

Customer Case: Northgate Tailgates and Ready-2-Roll

Northgate Tailgates is a event trailer rental service. Maintaining the resources aboard each trailer is critical to NGTG rental operations. Our system assists NGTG technicians by providing global electronic monitoring of these resources. With our system, technicians are able to know the resource levels of each trailer without being in the vicinity of it.

At the core of our system is the M2P which will be installed onboard each rental trailer. The M2P implements a modular based architecture that allows for a variety of sensor and control modules to plug-n-play with the M2P. Northgate Tailgate operators are able to select sensor and control modules to match the specific sensing and control needs for each trailer.

Northgate Tailgates technicians use the M2P Android application to view Resource Alerts, and Customer Help Tickets from each trailer. A Resource Alert is triggered when a monitoring module has detected that its resource has risen above, or fallen below, a threshold. With this Android application northgate tailgates technicians are able to view the trailers resource level without being in the near vicinity of the trailer.

The M2P is an invaluable tool that keeps Northgate Tailgates rental operations running smoothly by keeping an electronic eye on trailer resources so the technicians don't have to.

Trailer Resource Monitoring

The tailgating trailers offer a variety of features that need to be monitored by the operations staff. The following resources will need to be monitored by our system: kegerator temperature, co2, clean & dark water levels. Northgate Tailgates deploys many trailers each game weekend, and it is critical that the NGTG staff is aware of the health of each trailer. Technicians are able to view the status of the trailer resources via Android application. The Android application alerts technicians of tailgating service events.

Spencer Conn, Project Manager
As Blackout Engineering’s Project Manager, Spencer Conn will be responsible for coordinating all team members and is ultimately responsible for the successful completion of the project. Spencer will maintain communication with the customer, advisors and instructors in order to insure all deliverables will meet expectations. In the final phases of the project Spencer will also function as Blackout Engineering’s Test Engineer. This will require him to develop a thorough test plan to ensure all hardware, software, and communications work together and are ready to be delivered to the customer.
Colton Chojnacki, Software Engineer
As Blackout Engineering's Software Engineer, Colton Chojnacki will primarily be responsible for designing and implementing the software for the onboard system, user interface. Colton will need to develop the software for the embedded controllers, user interface, communications, and control server.
Zach Cobb, Hardware Engineer
As Blackout Engineering’s Hardware Engineer, Zach Cobb will be responsible for all of the circuit-related obstacles of our current project. Zach’s main tasks include designing all of the circuitry in our systems, while providing the team with carefully arranged and functioning printed circuit boards. Zach will also be responsible for making sure we utilize all sensors correctly. For this to happen, Zach must carefully choose the very components that will allow us to provide our customers with the solution that will meet all of their wants and needs.
Daniel Riess, Systems Integration Engineer
Daniel Riess was born and raised in in Dallas, Georgia. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering Technology at Texas A&M. While pursuing his degree Riess is also working as the Assistant Broadcast Engineer at 12th works closely on the Kyle Field Redevelopment project as well as ensuring operational capabilities for the day to day activities surrounding Texas A&M Athletics video production. Man Productions, Texas A&M Athletic Department where he is

Capstone Documents

Document Description
Team Formation Memo Announcement to ESET faculty about the formation of Blackout Engineering Capstone team. The document describes the scope of our Tailgate Monitoring system.
Quad Charts Quad Charts for Capstone and other projects
Problem Statement Memo about Blackout Engineering's Problem Statement
Work Breakdown Structure Document that details the development process through use of managable work packages
RAM Responsibility Assignment Matrix Document
Network Logic Diagram Document that details work package dependencies
Conceptual Design Memo Memo briefly outlines how the customer will use the M2P.
Risk Assessment Identify potential inabilities to complete project
Functional Design Memo Memo briefly outlines how the M2P will function.
Costing Data Information associated with the costs related to developing the M2P project
Deliverables Memo Memo detailing our deliverables timeline.