Project Update (December 18th, 2008)


New Hardware Testing Video Covering the Full CIGCOM Hardware Implementation!


ž Cross Pointe has developed the hardware PCB that will accompany the final prototype of CIGCOM. Click on the links below to view a few images that will show you the intracacies of our board design. We have certain aspects of the software implementation left to complete CIGCOM.


Cross Pointe PCB Images Click Here:


Here is a small preview of the images:

Welcome to Cross Pointe

ž Cross Pointe is collaborating with EnerSys to build added value into a real-time automated control system monitoring a gas engine drive compressor. The previous system is incapable of preventing compressor down time because no intuitive preemptive maintenance system is in place, and it cannot monitor its own overall efficiency. Our system will implement sensors in a gas compressor that will track measurable data trends including fuel efficiency, vibration, pressure, and temperature on the gas engine itself. We also want to utilize the trends recorded to provide preemptive maintenance along with easier access of the control box using Bluetooth wireless communication for the field engineers. We call our product CIGCOM - Critical Independent Gas Compressor Monitoring.


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