To the reader:

We are a group of dedicated individuals each with varying technical background in engineering. Our product, Pet Protect, will be a portable device capable of monitoring the internal environmental conditions of an RV (recreational vehicle).

Our product will aid dog show enthusiasts nationwide. Pet Protect will provide constant monitoring inside the RV to ensure that pets are protected from every possible danger. Our system will detect carbon monoxide, power loss from the RV, smoke, and changes in temperature.

The system will be user friendly in which the owner/handler will be able to enter the maximum and minimum temperature settings allowable to be in the RV..

To further aid the owner, the system will send SMS messages alerting of any danger detected by the system so the owner could take the proper action to save these lovable pets. The owner will be able to program the phone number for the system to use to deliver these messages.

Inside this site you will find links that will provide information regarding our work process and events that pertain to the development of our product.

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Bonnie Engineering Team



              April 29, 2008


                  Website created


Michel Ramirez

                   April 30, 2008


                            3rd Place!! Ideas Challenge




Michel Ramirez



Sept 3, 2008


Website Complete

Paul Carrington

Sept 12, 2008


Obtained connector for Q24

Kyle Schumann