What if you could automate your home by a click of your mouse using only the existing wires? How great would it be to have a data acquisition device that could utilize the standard outlets in all buildings, transmit data up to 200Mbps, and be able to accept an interchangeable application card? The application card could give the user the ability to regulate their use of electricity, communicate between computers, configure a home theater, and much more just by plugging into an outlet.

Alpha Engineering Systems (AES) is proposing just that with WireNet and an application card HECS (Home Entertainment Configuration System). WireNet is a broadband over power line (BPL) data acquisition device that would accept an interchangeable application card allowing for multiple home uses. Our application card HECS uses infrared (IR) transmission to communicate with audio/video (A/V) equipment, using WireNet to communicate with a computer to control A/V equipment.