Synonym Systems is a Texas based startup company, staffed by electronic engineers specializing in the design of embedded telecommunications solutions. Currently, Synonym Systems is working with Network USA to design TransHub, a remote terminal unit that can translate modern network management protocols into legacy languages, allowing all network equipment to be remotely monitored and inventoried by a single system. The ability to remotely manage and account for legacy equipment will save partner businesses like Network USA both time and money.

TransHub allows a company to utilize Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) as the only protocol in their network management software in an environment in which their network equipment may not uniformly support this protocol. Management software that supports multiple languages can be burdensome to create and expensive to purchase. TransHub is a low cost unit that can be placed near legacy equipment that will translate common SNMP queries and commands into the equipments native language, allowing the management software to deal with legacy equipment as if it adhered to modern standards.
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