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Cody Lewis is the Project Manager and Communications Engineer for MESi Labs WiMi project. Cody is tasked with overseeing the entire project and is responsible for ensuring that all deliverables are met on schedule. The project manager is the main point of contact between the customer and the engineering team. As the Communication Engineer, Cody is also responsible for implementing the protocols used for all devices to communicate with one another. Since the WiMi project consists of sending research data wireless from a cage to a computer, valid data transfer is a key requirement.

Lindsey Jenschke is the Systems Engineer for MESi Labs. The systems engineer is tasked with integrating the hardware and software systems together for the product. Lindsey works with both the hardware and software engineer to gain an understanding of the entire system and complete the WiMi prototype. Once constructed, the Systems Engineer tests the prototype to ensure that the hardware and software function correctly.

Richard Horner is the Hardware Engineer for MESi Labs. Richard is tasked with designing and creating the hardware systems for the product. The Hardware Engineer researches components necessary to create board layouts and test circuitry on manufactured boards. Richard also assists the Systems Engineer with board population and system testing.

Nick Reinoso is the Software Engineer for MESi Labs. The Software Engineer is tasked with designing and implementing source code for the WiMi embedded system and graphical user interface. Nick is developing firmware compatible with the WiMi mouse tracking hardware and is also writing a Windows application to display system data.