WiMi : Wireless RFID Data Logging System

In medical research, many scientists use mice as preliminary test subjects. According to the Foundation for Biomedical Research, ninety-five percent of all lab animals are mice due to the benefits that they provide. Mice’s small body size allows scientists to house multiple test subjects in a confined area. This environment allows scientists to make several observations for multiple generations of mice and correlate those observations to human activity. However, human error exists during the observation process because mouse activity is observed by a lab technician rather than an electronic system. For this reason, lab technicians desire an automated tracking application to increase the speed and accuracy of lab animal data acquisition. As a result, this system will improve the overall efficiency and quality of biomedical lab research.

In order to achieve our goal, MESi Labs will provide an automated research platform, called WiMi, used to monitor mice in a lab environment. The hardware portion of this platform consists of two entities: a base station and nodes. The base station will be connected to a Windows computer running WiMi software. Each node will be placed inside a mouse cage utilizing a specialized adaptor. Once installed, the researchers can use this platform to track the wheel running activities of the mice as well as observe environmental cage conditions such as light intensity, temperature, and humidity.