About Us

Elevated Robotics is a small startup company in College Station, Texas focused on the innovation and development of robotic systems. The project that we are currently working on is the Aerial Surveillance Vehicle system. Elevated Robotics will be researching and developing a standalone module that will be able to provide remote control and monitoring for a multi-rotor copter.


In its final implementation, the ASV system will be used to provide a live video feed of potentially dangerous environments from the air to a user located at a safe distance. It will be field deployable and operate at low altitude during daytime and clear weather conditions. The ASV must be simple to operate and rugged enough to handle rough treatment by the operator.


This project is being sponsored by Matt Leonard of TSTAR and Joel Krouse of iCaelus, is will provide the proof of concept necessary for development to begin on a more advanced version of the system. The faculty adviser for this project is Dr. Gang Sun.

Team Video (Old Project)

Recent News

12/3/2014 Alpha Schematic Review Completed.

12/3/2014 Final System Design Process Document Completed.

12/14/2014 "Home" and "Documents" pages updated.

12/14/2014 "Team" and "Contact Us" pages updated.