DigiCloud is a startup company created by four engineering students in the Electronic Systems Engineering Technology program at Texas A&M University. As members of DigiCould, we are responsible to design, build, test, and document the product for the company Gazoo. Gazoo seeks to develop a device that will stream videos for remote access. Accessing machines remotely should not be limited to only laptops and PCs. Gazoo's desired device will provide the functionality for users to have access to any machine they own anytime and anywhere. Gazoo has requested for Digicloud to build a device that will go in between the server-end device and the client-end device. The server-end device is the device that the user wants to access remotely and the client-end device will provide the interface for the user to see and control their machine.

Ryan Lindeman.

Project Manager

Maithaa Alhousani

Hardware Engineer.

Chris Castro.

Software Engineer

Jose Contreras

Systems Integration/Test Engineer

Project Video.

. A video about DigiCloud and our product.

Project Info.

Information regarding our product can be found here.

Conceptual Block Diagram.

Document Screenshots.

Document deliverables will be available here.

How to contact DigiCloud.

  • Digicloud14@gmail.com

  • Capstone.tamu.edu.

    Texas A&M University website