Xtal Clear Solutions


Xtal Clear Solutions is a start-up company based out of College Station, Texas. This company started with the purpose to plan and develop a successful project.

Xtal Clear Solutions will design and develop a prototype weapons safe. Our goal is to promote gun safety through our unique design of storing firearms safely in a home. The safe will be integrated in an elevation system that will allow for submergence underground for safe keeping and rising for accessibility. While lowered, the environment of the safe will be monitored with a temperature and humidity sensor. Each firearm stored in the safe will be securely locked with individual locks. A tablet, communicating through Bluetooth to the safe, will be the user's interface. An Android application will be created to provide a keypad interface for safe activation and unlocking of firearms through unique codes only known by authorized users specified by the owner. A panic mode is also implemented in this design that will send alert messages to pre-determined people indicating an emergency is occurring. We hope that our safe design will provide the peace of mind many weapon owners would like and safety that families need.

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