Nov. 27th:
Rematek is preparing the Formal Technical Proposal for the LoTag System to release next week.

Nov. 27th:
Deliverables Memo released.

Nov. 10th:
Rematek would like to thank our guest Paul Hill for an inspiring and rewarding ELE Seminar.

Nov. 9th:
Rematek held an ELE Seminar for
Paul Hill, director of Mission Operations at NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center.

Nov. 9th:
LoTag System Functional Design Memo released.

Nov. 5th:
LoTag System Conceptual Design Memo released.

Oct. 19th:
Problem Statement Memo released.

Oct. 12th:
System Design Process Doc released.

Oct. 4th:
Rematek's System Design Process Presentation to company
stakeholders and potiental customers

Sept. 24th:
Rematek has accepted a New Project
, "The LoTag System." Stay tuned for more infomation

Sept. 20th:
Website Launched!

Sept. 16th:
Team Formation Memo



The LoTag System

Rematek's current project is wireless, updateable digital displays that will replace traditional paper price tags on the shelves of retail stores.

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We Bring Innovation and Technology to You..

Rematek is a groundbreaking new company in College Station, Texas that is focused on bringing together innovation and technology in order to improve and renovate the retail marketing industry.

Our engineers specialize in relentlessly integrating small-form electronics, digital displays, and wireless IPv6 communication into attractive, low-maintenance products. By making low-power wireless networking devices, we are on the cutting edge of putting our products on the Internet of Things. Our specialty of using 6LoWPAN protocols in our products has us saying “The Answer is Six.”