Welcome to our project webpage.  Contained inside you'll find information on VTraC, the Senior Design project for VL Technologies.  The documentation produced for ENTC 419, as well as information on the VL Technologies team can be found on the labeled pages.

Site Design

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Special Thanks



VL Technologies would like to thank Tim Milam for his invaluable assistance to our project. On Sunday, February 9th, our team was invited to Antenna Analysis in Georgetown, TX. While visiting his test facility, Tim gave us the benefit of his extensive RFID experience by sharing his knowledge with us. He was generous enough to supply VL Technologies with an RFID reader, development kit, antenna and an assortment of tags for testing and evaluation purposes. We greatly appreciate Antenna Analysis' support of our project and Mr. Milam's assistance.

Aggie 100

On October 26th, VL Technologies attended the Aggie 100 luncheon representing the EET/TET programs and the Capstone Senior Design program.  VLT were honored to be the guests of Russel W. Treat, '80, President and Founder of EnerSys Corporation, and Aggie 100 honoree.