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Fall 2014 Capstone Experience Project Teams

DigiCloud is a startup company created by four engineering students in the Electronic Systems Engineering Technology program at Texas A&M University. As members of DigiCould, we are responsible to design, build, test, and document the product for the company Gazoo. Gazoo seeks to develop a device that will stream videos for remote access. Accessing machines remotely should not be limited to only laptops and PCs. Gazoo’s desired device will provide the functionality for users to have access to any machine they own anytime and anywhere. Gazoo has requested for Digicloud to build a device that will go in between the server-end device and the client-end device. The server-end device is the device that the user wants to access remotely and the client-end device will provide the interface for the user to see and control their machine.

Ryan Lindeman*, Maithaa Alhousani, Chris Castro, Jose Contreras

Elevated Robotics
Elevated Robotics is a small startup company in College Station, Texas focused on the innovation and development of robotic systems. The project that we are currently working on is the Aerial Surveillance Vehicle system. Elevated Robotics will be researching and developing a standalone module that will be able to provide remote control and monitoring for a multi-rotor copter. In its final implementation, the ASV system will be used to provide a live video feed of potentially dangerous environments from the air to a user located at a safe distance. It will be field deployable and operate at low altitude during daytime and clear weather conditions. The ASV must be simple to operate and rugged enough to handle rough treatment by the operator. This project is being sponsored by Matt Leonard of TSTAR and Joel Krouse of iCaelus, is will provide the proof of concept necessary for development to begin on a more advanced version of the system. The faculty adviser for this project is Dr. Gang Sun.

Uchenna Anyiam*, Trisha Morales, Ulises Perez, Tony Carrillo

EnGen is a startup engineering company that is based in College Station, Texas. We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with Kyle Levers and Elfego Galvan from KYGO Systems to design a cutting-edge electronic and wireless platform to be used in lab environments to determine the validity of providing noninvasive, accurate blood pressure measurements during exercise. The project will be funded by the Baker Hughes Foundation and we will be collaborating with engineers in the Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology (MMET) and the Mechanical Engineering (MEEN) Departments.

Gage Russell*, Leo Acosta, Zach Gaston, Matt Moore

Excel Engineering
Excel Engineerng is a small start-up company based out of College Station, Texas. Our specialty is in hardware, software, and testing where we perform the task of integrating these elements together into creating innovative electronic system products. We are currently working with FreeFlight Systems in order to develop a system that will enable Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to act as mobile relays to allow end users on the ground to communicate with each other over great distances and terrain. This system will also allow end users on the ground to receive up-to-date information on nearby Unmanned Aerial Vehicle details such as ID, altitude, position, air speed, and squawk code.

Chris Guminski*, Luis Palacios, Amber Jaura, William Noonan

Innotech Systems Engineering
Innotech Systems Engineering is a small start-up company based out of College Station, TX that specializes in wireless networking technology. Currently, ISE is working to develop an indoor positioning system (IPS) for visually-impaired students to navigate freely inside Thompson Hall. We would like to extend our gratitude to Dr. Wei Zhan and Dr. Ana Goulart of Texas A&M University's Electronic Systems Engineering Technology Department for sponsoring this project.

Omar Lira*, Stephen Sun, Lyndon Kaegler, Tiffany Turner

Interrobang Engineering is a small start-up company in College Station, Texas. The team is currently working on modifying and improving the CubeSat to make it better and more affordable. Interrobang is proud to be working with The Mobile Integrated Solutions Laboratory (MISL) and Dr. Morgan.

Joey Shakespeare*, Tanner Kopp, Tyler Covington, Ian Luko

MESi Labs
MESi Labs is an electronics design company based in College Station, Texas specializing in automated systems. MESi Labs’ current project is creating a RFID based data logging system for lab research of mice. The purpose of this project is to aid researchers in the autonomous identification and collection of a mouse and its running activities. This project is in collaboration with Dr. Rainer Fink of Texas A&M University, as well as with advisor Dr. Ben Zoghi

Cody Lewis*, Lindsey Jenschke, Richard Horner, Nick Reinoso

Remote Monitoring Solutions
Remote Monitoring Solutions is a small start-up company out of College Station, TX. Our project is to design and implement a monitoring system to track water fowl patterns and habits in a remote location. Monitoring will be accomplished using cameras on site to broadcast, in real time, footage to an Android application on a personal tablet or cell phone. The end user will be able to control multiple cameras remotely and monitor the location without being on site.

Michael Sanders*, Danisha Stern, Michael Crowley , Kevin Erskine

* Denotes Project Team Manager; Beginning (ENTC 419) Semester Shown

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